McCullough House
W   I   N   E   R   Y

McCullough House

Providing a vast variety of wines to choose from.

From Dry to very sweet, our wine selection is ever changing to enhance your ever changing  food pairing choices.
  1. German Riesling
    Start your experience with our Riesling by sampling the aroma before you sip. It’s one of the most aromatic grape varieties in the world. Then look for the semi-sweet taste of fruit aromas, which can include nectarine, apricot, honey-crisp apple and pear.
    German Riesling $19.99
  2. Verdicchio 19.99
    This is a medium-bodied, refreshing, classic white wine with a delicate aroma and clean, dry character.
    Verdicchio 19.99
  3. Italian Pinot Grigio $21.99
    The flavors in this refreshing white wine can range from tropical fruit notes of melon and mango to some botrytis-influenced notes.
    Italian Pinot Grigio $21.99
  4. Italian Chardonnay $19.99
    This dry white wine hints of caramel, smoke, coconut and vanilla in the aftertaste. Let the wine swirl around your tongue.
    Italian Chardonnay $19.99
  5. Zinfandel Blush $19.99
    This fresh lively semi-sweet wine is excitement in a bottle. It may flirt with your tongue as you taste essences of strawberry and melon. Perfect with any type of food, especially Asian or Latin cuisine.
    Zinfandel Blush $19.99
  6. American White Zinfandel $19.99
    A concentrated and semi-sweet blush wine with fruity overtones, a berry/cherry aftertaste, and a hint of spices.
    American White Zinfandel $19.99
  7. French Cabernet Sauvignon $19.99
    The King of reds. Nuances of burgundy with ripe red fruits, followed by spicy hints and powerful tannins.
    French Cabernet Sauvignon $19.99
  8. New Zealand Pinot Noir $21.99
    Excellent from the first pour, this wine has a bold taste with a smooth quality, a nice finish as well.
    New Zealand Pinot Noir $21.99
  9. Italian Merlot $19.99
    Medium bodied, dry, with black cherry flavors. Its complexity develops out of a firm, et core.
    Italian Merlot $19.99
  10. Tuscany Rosso Magnifico
    We believe you will find this blend of quality red wines to be a favorite, with a food-friendly acidity and a delightful aftertaste.
    Tuscany Rosso Magnifico
  11. White Moscato $21.99
    With succulent peach and juicy tropical fruit notes, there's lots to love about his new Moscato.
    White Moscato $21.99
  12. Pink Moscato $21.99
    Light and refreshing on the palate, with flavors of fresh strawberry, raspberry and cherry.
    Pink Moscato $21.99
  13. Cranberry Crush $19.99
    Leaps out of the glass with juicy sweet pear, succulent ripe pineapple and a bright flowery fragrance.
    Cranberry Crush $19.99
  14. Green Apple Mist $19.99
    Crisp, crunchy green apple flavor with a pleasant initial tartness, followed by a delicious juicy finish. A real thirst-quenching treat.
    Green Apple Mist $19.99
  15. Coconut Breeze $19.99
    A delicate white wine with a touch of sweetness, this fruity blend may remind you of a tropical Pina Colada.
    Coconut Breeze $19.99
  16. Peach Paradise $19.99
    Just enough not to overpower the dessert, but powerful enough to stand on its own, if that's the way you prefer to drink it.
    Peach Paradise $19.99
  17. Blackberry Blush $19.99
    Imagine an inviting bowl of plump sweet blueberries, then add a splash of Shiraz. That's the experience of this sweet red wine.
    Blackberry Blush $19.99
  18. Cinn-sational Sangria $19.99
    Your nose will be enlightened by scents of orange, lemon, and lime that will marry with cherries on your tongue.
    Cinn-sational Sangria $19.99
  19. Raspberry Rosso $19.99
    Combine the amazing black Pinot with rich, tart raspberries and you have a rich, velvety, layered, delicious wine perfect in the glass.
    Raspberry Rosso $19.99
  20. Strawberry Delight $19.99
    Serve a chilled glass of this sweet red wine with your next helping of hot home-made cherry cobbler.
    Strawberry Delight $19.99
  21. Cabernet Franc $39.99
    A special grape, special handling during the winemaking, and a special reward in the glass.
    Cabernet Franc $39.99
  22. Orange Chocolate Cheer $39.99
    Rich aromas of dark chocolate, citrus, and vanilla woven into an intricate mélange of lively flavors.
    Orange Chocolate Cheer $39.99